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MOQ of OEM Porcelain Tableware in Decal

Updated: May 10, 2022

Regarding the customization of porcelain tableware, clients often ask us the following questions, what is your price? What is your MOQ? MOQ is short for minimum order quantity.

In this article, we will explain MOQ issue, hoping to help you understand and place orders.

Customization of porcelain

Let's first understand the customization process of porcelain. First of all, we need to prepare porcelain white body and decal paper. Decal paper is a kind of film paper that we use to decorate the surface of porcelain to realize the design provided by clients. We will cut and paste the decal paper on the surface of the porcelain white body, then fired and packaged, and finally you will get the porcelain designed by yourself. For the simple process, please see the figure below.

Therefore, the customized MOQ for porcelain includes three categories: MOQ for porcelain white body, MOQ for decal paper production, and MOQ for hand-painting gold line.

1. MOQ of porcelain white body

If you want to customize a unique porcelain white body, MOQ is usually 5000 pieces. If you choose our existing porcelain white body shapes, MOQ only needs 1200 pieces. In addition, choosing our existing porcelain white body shape does not require the opening of new molds, and the production time is faster. Our existing porcelain white body have a variety of classic types, covering a variety of common types and sizes on the market, to meet the needs of different clients and different countries.

Developing a new porcelain white body -- 5000 PCs

Choose our existing porcelain white body - 1200 PCs

2. MOQ of decal paper production

Decal paper is customized according to client's design. When we receive the client's design, we will first separate the artwork for color separation and plate making, and then select pigments, mix them into special ink, and print the ink to a film paper, in which is decal paper. For the simple process, please see the figure below.

The production of decals involves a series of processes, decal layout and typesetting. The size of each decal sheet is 700 * 500mm. In this area, we will place different items, such as cups, plates, etc. In order to better control costs, decal manufacturers require a MOQ of 500 per decal. Please note that is a decal for each combination.

To help you understand it, let us look at the following example. From the layout, we can see that we placed a dinner plate, dessert plate, soup plate, cup and saucer on a piece of decal sheet. There is no extra space for anything else.

If you choose our existing porcelain white body shape, the MOQ of porcelain white body needs 1200 pieces. Therefore, in this customized project, you can provide us with 2 designs, and then choose the same porcelain white body shape. MOQ of each item is 600 pcs. In this way, it can meet both the MOQ of decal paper production and the MOQ of porcelain white body at the same time.

Dinner plate – 600 pieces x 2 designs

Dessert plate – 600 pieces x 2 designs

Soup plate – 600 pieces x 2 designs

Cup and saucer – 600 sets x 2 designs

3. MOQ of hand-painting platinum line

Our white body with hand-painting platinum line is one of the best-selling products. Every platinum line is hand-painted by the workers, so there is no MOQ requirement at this stage. Moreover, there is no decal paper, MOQ for decal paper production can be ignored. Therefore, hand-painting gold line project only needs to meet the MOQ of porcelain white body.

How to reduce MOQ?

For some buyers, above quantity may be still a little too much. Is there any way to reduce MOQ? The answer is yes.

Here are two ways to reduce MOQ:

1. You can choose our existing white porcelain inventory. Suppose our inventory has exactly 500 dinner plates, 500 dessert plates, 500 soup plates, and 500 sets of cups and saucers. In this case, 500 of each item can meet the MOQ of white body and decal paper at the same time. However, our white body inventory is generally not large, so please feel free to contact with us about the white body inventory.

2. If you increase the budget of the Decal printing cost, you can reduce the quantity of each item. For example, if you pay an additional US $100-200 for the decal operation fee, then you can add one more design, and your MOQ for each item will be reduced from 600 to 400.

3. If you choose the products designed by our company, when there are other customers whose order are also match with your market, you can consider combine the order, so that you can also reduce your MOQ. Of course, the delivery time needs longer time.

As can be seen from above, we always try to lower prices and quantities to help customers reduce costs as much as possible. Generally, our quotation range is between US $2-4, and most customers can sell at US $20 or higher.


As can be seen from above, we always try to keep the price and quantity as low as possible and help clients reduce the cost as much as possible.

If your order quantity is less than our MOQ, we suggest you reconsider before the project starts, because the cost of each product will be higher, not only the production cost, but also the freight, transportation fees, import tax and other expenses, all of which need to be considered. If the cost is too high, it will undoubtedly affect the market competitiveness.

When you want to customize tableware, you can tell us the approximate quantity you can accept. What is your budget range? What are your requirements? The more specific, the better. Then we can offer a solution according to your requirements. We believe that in addition to ultra-low prices, you pay more attention to the design effect and quality of products, and more importantly, whether our products or services can become long-term partners.

We hope that the above information can help you understand the production process of customized tableware and explain MOQ clearly for you. If you have any questions about this topic, please let us know at any time.

Finally, if you have any demand for porcelain tableware, or you are looking for a professional supplier and your current porcelain tableware business, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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