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Differences among Bone China, New Bone China and Porcelain

Updated: May 10, 2022

When clients choose tableware, they often ask us the following questions. What is bone china, what is new bone china, and what is porcelain? What is the difference among them? Should I choose bone china? Should I choose new bone china, and when should I choose porcelain?

This article will talk about the above three issues, hoping to help answer your doubts.

1. What is bone china? What is new bone china? What is porcelain?

Bone China, also known as fine bone china, is a kind of porcelain clay with cattle bone powder. It is firstly subjected to a preliminary firing of raw material at about 1200°C, and then glaze firing at about 1000°C. Known as "thin as paper, white as jade, bright as mirror, sound as chime", the color becomes milky white.

New bone china, also known as imitated Bone China, is a higher level than porcelain. Replacing animal bone powder with chemical ingredients, because the content of calcium oxide is twice as high as that of ordinary porcelain, and has a certain light transmittance, it is called new bone porcelain. New bone china only burned one time. After the body is glazed, it is fired at about 1300°C.

Porcelain is made by clay in which adding aluminum and magnesium high feldspar powder, then firing at 1200 ℃.

2. Differences among Bone China, New Bone China and Porcelain

3. How to choose bone china, new bone china and medium temperature porcelain?

Pattern design

Bone China: Bone China has a thin carcass with balanced and bright glaze gloss. It is suitable for not adding any design, or just adding a gold edge or platinum edge, or a very simple design, showing the light luxury and elegance of the bone china body. Not suitable for in-glaze.

New bone china: New bone china has a lower gloss than bone china and is more suitable for decals. In addition, the glaze of the new bone china is thicker than that of the bone china, and it can be used decal. It is suitable for the design of natural elements, such as marble. Using the in-glaze decal, the effect will be more natural.

Porcelain: The body of porcelain is thicker and can withstand the pressure of machine printing, which is suitable for machine printing. Both in-glaze and on-glaze colors are suitable.


Bone Porcelain: The cost of raw materials and the production process are destined to be higher in price than others. The price is 20% to 30% more expensive than new bone porcelain and 30% to 40% more expensive than porcelain. However, bone china has always been a fine product in ceramics and has long been used as a special porcelain for the British royal and nobles. If you choose gold and platinum edges as decoration, the cost performance is also very high.

New bone china: The price of new bone china is 10% to 15% more expensive than porcelain.

Porcelain has great advantages over the price. But some products, because of the high cost of their craftsmanship, such as hand-painting, may not be much different from the price of new bone china.

Based on the answers to the above three questions, bone china, new bone china and porcelain have their own characteristics. Bone China is a high-quality ceramic. The design of new bone porcelain can be diversified. The price of porcelain is cheap, so choosing the right one is a good choice.

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